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Custom Planters
 Great Gift Idea! Give the gift that keeps growing!

A Custom Planter is a great idea to give to your fellow gardener or order one for yourself!

How It Works

Let our Garden Center experts create a beautiful planter for you!  We will gather the necessary information from you and get to planting.  You have the option to tell us what types and colors of plants you would like to see in you planter or we can come up with some ideas for you!  Flowers or Vegetables!!

For the planter pot, you can come select one from the Aspen Ridge Garden Center.  You can also pick out one of your own planters and we will come get it and use this for your planter or just drop it off and we will fill it up! 

Helpful information: have an idea in mind for whether the planter will be in the sun or the shade and we will plant accordingly!  


We will keep and care for your planter until it is time for delivery.  This is typically a 2 month waiting period, giving your planter enough time to grow and fill out before delivery!  Feel free to deliver your planter earlier if you wish, this is just the time frame recommended so your plants can establish themselves under our care.  

Let us deliver your final planter for you to the address you provide on the date you pick! 

 **Delivery Fees Apply **

Contact Us to get your order started!  A great Mother's Day gift idea!