We bet you have seen how beautiful Lilac bushes are when they are in full bloom, but did you know they also attract butterflies?  Plant a Lilac bush and enjoy all the beautiful butterflies and the wonderful smell of fresh lilacs!


Not only are Marigolds very hardy, easy to grow plants but they will bring some beautiful friends with them!  Butterflies love the bright yellows, oranges and reds of these flowers!


These are annual flowers and they make great cut flowers for vases all Summer long!  They come in a beautiful variety of colors! Imagine all the butterflies flying around above these beautiful flowers! 

Shasta Daisy​

The perfect, "Plant it and Forget it" Flower!  These gorgeous perrenials will come back year after year!  Sun is about the only thing these plants demand, very easy care and don't require a lot of watering! 


Lavender has many different perks!  A drought resistant plant, it is perfect for South Dakota soil.   Beautiful cut flowers and also great for making wreaths!  Lavender oil also is wonderful for many different health benefits! 


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